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Argentina in IMEX América Las Vegas
17 Nov 2021

Our favorite project for Argentina is always the last project. We are proud to share our last booth design and production for Argentina at the IMEX América in Las Vegas. This year, Argentina has left everybody amazed with a completely new concept booth. Why was…

10 Nov 2021

Our company works at the heart of the ‘Impressionistas’ travelling digital art gallery, which was designed and implemented by Front Pictures and NewMedia for Art Apart. The Front Pictures team also prepared video content that guides visitors through the history of the 19th-century art movement….

Argentina in Fitur 2021
14 Sep 2021

NewMedia Creative Technology Studio takes the Argentine stand to another level, allowing the South American country to obtain for the first time in its history the 2 most important prizes of the tourist event: Best Stand Design and Sustainable Stand. Reduce waste, eliminate printed materials,…

DOMO the new 360º venue in Madrid
11 Dic 2019

We are thrilled to present our new and really loved project: DOMO A joint venture with the Polytechnic University of Madrid. DOMO is a permanent 21,70m diameter dome that involves students, teachers, institutions, companies and brands in a technology based cultural space. Domo will be…

11 Dic 2019

This year JC Decaux broke their years of tradition celebrating the JC Decaux Award in their company to celebrate this prizes in our new permanent Dome in the center of Madrid. The event counted on personalities of the most creative spanish companies and agencies and…

Astra Film Festival 2019
10 Dic 2019

One more year at one of our favorite festivals in the world: the Astra Film Festival. Each year we try to make everything better, nicer, more entertaining. For this edition we summed a lot of new activities into the DOME program. In the exterior of…

Argentina. Land of Contrasts. Cité du Vin, Bordeaux, France.
12 Sep 2019

This year the Cite du Vin chose Argentina as the wine producer in charge of developing a 700 square meters exhibition at their museum. The Ministry of Tourism chose us to develop the exhibition that needed to be a tour through the different regions of…

Melody Maker Hotel in Cancún, Mexico
16 Ene 2019

NewMedia Creative Technology Studio is thrilled to present its last project. Located on the shore of the Mexican Cancun resort area, Melody Maker is the biggest party hotel of the area. Its policy is to provide its guests with entertainment experiences that touch virtually every…

12 Dic 2018

This year MTV chose the city of Bilbao as the capital for the EMAs. NewMedia Creative Technology Studio was commissioned by Mr David Lynn, President & CEO of Viacom International Media Networks, and the Deputación of Biscay and Bilbao, the Pre Award´s dinner that was…

Astra Film Festival Dome 2018
19 Nov 2018

For the third year NewMedia was commissioned to develop the fuldome zone. It was the 25th anniversary of this amazing festival which we are proud to be partner. For this edition we added a VR zone inside a 6m dome. We love Romania, we love…