NewMedia | The Tubbe - The Real Event Effect (Rental and Sales)


The Tubbe – The Real Event Effect (Rental and Sales)

22 Ago 2015, Posted by carolinacomas in Art, Events

NewMedia is proud to announce the new product for your events:

Emotional Galleries, The Real Outdoor Effect. 

THE TUBBE is a ground independent structure of sophisticated design which is made up of modular components.

It has been designed to create a visionary experience of the outside world. Enjoy the landscape and a wonderful atmosphere while being sheltered from the weather.

The sophisticated design and the beauty of its finish ensure unique and unforgettable experience.

Key Features

· Innovative Design · Stylish Look
· Transparency
· Cost Effectiveness · Adaptability

· Ease of Installation
· Mobile Structures
· Ground Detachable
· Environmentally Friendly


· Weather Protection

· Panoramic Views

· Printable Surfaces for Advertising

· Space Enhancement · Facility Improvement · Versatility
· Increase Productivity

· No construction licenses required


· Illumination
· Air Conditioning
· Heating
· Audio
· Benches
· Doors
· Advanced FX Lighting® · Emergency exits
· Canopies

Contact Us if you want more information about it.

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